Our Programs

The austin metro drug-free coalition

A group of community leaders led by No More, No Más, Inc. formed a federally sponsored Drug-Free Coalition aimed at addressing substance abuse among the youth, particularly those in grades six to twelve. This program specifically targets the “Drug Prevention” message for youth and teens.

The Drug-Free Coalition is supported by 12 talented sectors. These men and women in the Austin community are committed, in a joint effort, to educate and train our community to identify someone headed in a bad direction and possibly making a terrible mistake with drugs.

Formerly known as ‘East Austin Coalition Against Substance Abuse’ (C.A.S.A), the Coalition’s mission is to bring various sectors of the community together to prevent the use and abuse of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, marijuana, prescription and other drugs among the youth community.

education and training

  1. Safety planning

  2. Coalitions/Workshops

  3. Sustainability

  4. Volunteerism

  5. Appropriate family violence information regarding hotlines

  6. Information about the victim’s legal rights and options

7. Referrals to legal resources and community resources

8. Information about the dynamics of family violence and different types of abuse

9. Provide insight and awareness through public speaking and testimonials

10. The provision of direct services to women in the City of Austin


Prevention techniques and basic services

  1. Individual and Family Counseling

  2. Relationship and Marital Counseling

  3. Social and Emotional Learning

  4. Employment Coaching

  5. Family Education

  6. Spiritual Support

  7. Healing

  8. Support Groups

  9. Restoration